Balefyre USSD System-V is the latest generation of Balefyre's trusted USSD messaging platform. Building on the robust platform that is proven as a reliable and cost effective solution over the last eight years, USSD System-V moves beyond basic functionalityinto a feature-rich, service oriented solution.

Modularised to suit the varying needs of Mobile Network Operators at different stages of operation within differing market conditions, USSD System-V can be packaged to fit the most demanding operator needs.

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Beyond the Gateway

USSD System-V is a comprehensive solution that understands the need for mobile network operators to utilise USSD as more than just a way to transmit basic information over signaling channels.

USSD System-V is a turnkey solution that provides operators the ability to service customers through interacting with the Balefyre USSD application suite, pre-paid billing systems, voucher servers, electronic funds transfer switches and SMSCs as well as 3rd party applications and content.